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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Should I Go For SAP?

I am really confused when people talk about SAP as choosing their career, just because it pay well but me working in SAP from past 3 years did find much & I still know few of acquaintances who are still looking for jobs in SAP from last 3 years. Training centers are making monies on the name of SAP and are training students without proper licensed software. I really don’t know what it makes students to pay heavy amounts.

I am writing 1st time after receiving so many queries regarding the SAP although I am not the right person but I will like to share my views.

SAP is lucrative to every individual who is a bit aquatinted to the technology, just b’cos its highly pay’d in the IT industry. Every fresh college graduate or experienced professional is looking for prospects in SAP, getting a job in SAP domain is not a cake walk even after Certification from SAP education partners.

The very1st question I am asked is which institute : If you don’t want to waste you money I feel one must choose the SAP education partners like Siemens, Genovate, JKT, etc. Although they will set you aspiration high but they will not give you a job guarantee, you have to scratch you ass for it. So think wisely before spending a huge amount. The advantage SEP (SAP Education Partner) is that you can appear for certification which is defiantly an asset in you carrier.

When should one go for certification: If you are sponsored by the company they I will say you are really -really lucky.

Which module you should go for: For this they will guide you the best, but if you have a technical background then you should go for technical module. But even after certification its not enough, companies these days are looking for multi domain experts even if you are a core technical guy. You can verify this from job postings on the various job-portal. So think twice!

If any one among you wants to go for SAP just b’cos your organization is running SAP & you are working as a end user-think again? does it really required by the company and after certification you will get a salary hike or your promotional aspects will be more then you colleagues if the answers are really positive then don’t think twice.

Few Words “You can only learn SAP if you are working in SAP” there is a misconception that certification is the only way to master it. What matters in the SAP industry is the experience.

Your Opinions will be appreciated.

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