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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sitting in the office after lunch time

Sitting in the office after lunch time, thinking of what I gained, what I have what I will loose, I feel worried and insecured. Why worried and insured is this the question or the answer.

Even I don’t know, if this is a question then what is the answer and if this is an answer then what is the question?

But I feel, the most significant is to find the cause for this verbosity and insecurity.

Before finding the reason, one must ignite the inner flame of truth, as said ’Truth is bitter’

But why? Now again there is a reason.

We the people, you, me and we are never ready to accept the truth, thats why we feel it biter. Now if you can feel the flames inside, you should know what is truth ‘Is it some thing we don’t want to say or listen’, because we want to make thing simple, not for ourselves but for others. But at heart the simplicity is getting more complicated, Its very difficult to say the truth but once you said truth it will oil the internal lamp, although you will not feel happy at that particular instance but later it will be the source of happiness which will get more and more brighter. Its not as difficult as listening the truth. Listening truth is courageous and accepting it is even more courageous.

Now the reason why we speak, listen and accept lie is that we are afraid of others and ourselves. If we lying to some one it means that we are afraid of the person to whom we are lying and if we are listening, it means we are afraid of ourselves, but we are not afraid of the supreme power the GOD.

We are afraid because we have expectations from others. We want to be good human being, genteel in front of other, we want others to praise us, respect us but that respect which we gained through our lies by betraying others is as fake as our words, its notrespect but its something which will keep us realizing that we lied we are not true to ourselves. If we are not true to ourselves it means we can not be true to anyone, those can be our family, friend, relatives.

If we stop expecting from God, parents, friends and society we will never feel

Burdened of answers and questions which grows like weeds in our brain. Like the weeds in the crop absorbs all the nutrients similarly these expectations corrupt our thoughts, vision and we feel more and more frustrated & depressed.

What should be a Man’s Mission in his Life?

A child is born, he has no understanding for life, he doesn’t know how long the day is. How many days are there in a week, how many weeks make a month and months a year? He lives in his own world. He is not worried about present, future and not concerned about the past. But his parents know what does the child wants, when he is hungry.

They take care of every thing. They don’t teach him how to walk but always hold his hands when he needs it. The child does not know what is good what is bad but the parents know. He don’t know what to eat, but parents know what to feed him and if a child do something wrong although he is punished he is sill accepted with all love, tenderness and delight, forgiving his deeds. 1-2 year child does not know what to demand from parents, but parents provide him what ever is necessary for him, what ever is required. When he grows he start demanding, at that time parents do provide him what is required and what is necessary. Similarly when he grew up he understands his family and his requirement, his demand changes which her think his parents can afford. And when he grew up he stops demanding from his parents and starts earning for them.

Similar is the Man he have no idea how long he is gone live, what will happen tomorrow or even the very next hour. Now think your self a child and GOD the parents.

He wants you to walk, and he will hold your hand when you really need it.

Very similar to the parent and child relation is our relation ship with GOD. He gives us every thing what is required by us, we should also like a grown up child should only ask for what we deserve and in our later stages of life we should stop asking from god, but should thank him that he had made us capable of getting things on our own. The capability of getting things on our own can be different from one person to other. In Hinduism it’s the karma theory. ”But what is it really what the real karma is ?” What is good, what is bad, what is god what is evil.

So a man’s mission in life should be to leave his worries, should believe what is righteous and do what is right. His motive should to work honestly so that he could make himself capable of feedings others.

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