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Aztec & lemon freeze:

Aztec & lemon freeze: Chapter: 1.

Aztec meet lemon freeze they talked to each other, meet again & again, will they fall in love?

Sitting on a bench near the lake made Aztec to think about Lemon freeze, life is very complicated ,there are so many things which seems to be simple but in fact simple decisions in life are the toughest. Aztec was thinking about Lemon Freeze (LF) but the calculations in his mind were entirely different from his heart”Dhak Dhak-2”.

Aztec kept thinking good things about LF but he does not know what made him to think about her. A human does not have any control on his thoughts, emotions & he kept thinking about her without thinking. Life is a reason to live. “Aztec: I am talking to someone and I started imagining her in my life but I don’t have any reason for it.”

Aztec seems perplexed, confused about lemon freeze.

Simple decisions in life depends on others (True/False). We can never decide on ourselves about us (Selfishness) so we involve others in our decisions.

Aztec talks to Lemon freeze every day, their long cell chats starts from 09:00 PM after their supper till 12:00 midnights and if it’s an off the other day then it may stretch to 1:00 or 2:00 AM. I was thinking if there would have been no cell phones it must have been very difficult to get in touch with your sweet heart, every time Aztec or Lemon freeze have called each other it must be mom/dad or brother/sister of either of them who had answered the phone…thanks to Mr. Mittal (Bharti Mittal-Airtel). But what they talk to each other…?

Similar topic of interest does not matter when you like someone. You will talk what she or he likes to talk about & Aztec expressed his feelings by singing Hindi (Bollywood) songs & after certain interval during conversation there is a commonly used word “Aur batao J” .

Aur batao is connecting word between two debatable topics so it’s of high importance. All the topic start & ends with “Aur batao”. After each night conversation on various casual topics Aztec thinks good about her & goes into his dreams.

I feel that Aztec loves her & he knew that lemon freeze likes him too but he is confused about the definition of love & liking, actually Aztec do not want to hurt her .Hurt! How Aztec can hurt LF?

Reading the thought flow (confused state of mind) of Aztec what I can guess is that-either Aztec does not know what he wants in his life or he is very clear about his goals.

Aztec meet Lemon freeze after a few months of his heart- break. “Orkut baba ke jai ho” Aztec meet lemon freeze on orkut, after impressing each other with their genuine thoughts they exchanged their cell numbers….& the very evening Aztec called Lemon Freeze.

Aztec was feeling on cloud number 9 after talking to her… but deep in his heart he was nervous & afraid of himself.

Cell phone bills kept increasing with long calls & txt conversations and Aztec started getting positive vibes from her for a relationship but he still want to confirm his feelings for LF after meeting .

Aztec is a person whom I will call a “Dil Fank”. He likes every girl he talks to…the reason is his past. In his entire life , he never spoke or interacted with girls “a shy guy” & had her 1st girl friend , actually friend , ‘R’ at the age of 27 years but for that Aztec needs no applauds because it was ‘R’ who liked him & Aztec was already waiting for this moment to come for him it was a dream come true.

Aztec shared a very special relationship with ‘R’, she gave Aztec every chance to express his feelings & helped him to express them but time played its own game. they broke off , what ever was the reason behind break-off , Aztec still misses each & every moment spend with ‘R’, for ’R’. Aztec is always thankful to R for giving him the most relishing moments of his life which he will always make him smile Deep in his heart Aztec is guilty that he was the reason behind break-off. Aztec understands that ‘R’ always wanted commitment but disappointingly Aztec wanted something more… so now I can predict that Aztec is clear in his mind what he wants in his life & is not confused.

Coming back to Lemon Freeze , both decided to meet…so they plan to meet each other on coming Sunday.

After travelling 100 KM: Aztec pushed the main door , entered CCD (Café coffee day) stopped for a while, he looked around the café. All sofas were preoccupied and suddenly his eyes stopped at a whitish complexion girl staring towards him, following his instinct Aztec started approaching towards her-It seamed whole universe came to a halt, Aztec made his way between the chairs & reached the corner where she was sitting, he moved his hand towards her & she acknowledge him with the same gesture & Aztec sat in front of her.

She was 5’6”, dressed in white top & denim capries, colored straight hair, kohl in her eyes was more than enough to keep Aztec focus on her. Aztec kept looking into her deep Kohl eyes & waited for her to say something. Aztec felt very good….At this very moment there were so many things running in Aztec’s mind but he was very exited & really liked her. Aztec:” Why can’t I choose my life, Why I am not satisfied by what I have or what I am getting ,nothing is best in the world”.

Here Aztec seems that he wants to hold her hand J, I feel he found some one with whom he will like to spend his entire life, but why.

Aztec:”Why is the toughest question for every one, specially if you are asking it to your self, Why I want to spend my life with her & how can I decide it instantly…I think I should carry on as a friend lets see what’s in my destiny”.

In the above statement Aztec is thinking about himself (Selfish J), he really have no idea about Lemon Freeze feelings , He always thinks that he is good but may be this time he is not good he may be self focused , In my opinion Lemon freeze is more practical, sensible, smart and is giving space to Aztec . As far Aztec is concerned he is an emotional person but the best thing about Aztec is that he always speaks what other wants to listen hear (Controversial) & he never lies.

After this meeting I am sure that Aztec started liking LF very- very much, Aztec carries LF as a friend but at heart he started liking her….

Every one in their life has expectations Aztec too have expectations, but what he expects from LF?

IF Aztec had any kind of expectation from Lemon freeze he might have never called her again, but even though he called her & they talk to each other, actually Aztec takes LF as she is and the way she is comfortable, he never demands any thing from her as it may hurt LF. I think Aztec is very clear hearted & do not want others to change for him, he always liked people as they are.

Do you think Aztec is in love with Lemon Freeze? To be Continueed….

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