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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hold my hand and take me with you……

You are earth an art piece, an exclusive art piece which god made with love, care, tenderness you are so dynamic that your dynamism keep me alive.
I, you & we are just a part of the whole creativity of god & I have learned to survive with your dynamism.
Thousands of assumption about you, thousands of theorems on you, thousands evidence of your existence & thousand reasons on your extension.
I am blessed with one life to express my beautiful thoughts for your everlasting beauty. You dipped in so many colors, shades which no one can paint, your beauty is charismatic which gives me fresh hope, new desire, peace & satisfaction. You hold our hands when we are depressed, you dance with us when we are happy, you are a mother who loves us more then we love you, you care for us, then why have you kept me so far away form your self. Why we need holidays, vacations to come to meet you in deep woods or on a hilltop.

Why can’t you stay with us.
Ohh my child its not me, its you who is far away from me.

I was there with you all the time, I was there along with you, but you wanted playgrounds so I gave you the space to play.
You wanted wider roads to drive faster & avoid traffic jams for which I scarified my life.
I gave you space for shopping malls & Cineplex’s so that you can enjoy with yourfriends.

But Still I love you more than you love me.

Don’t come to me, call me near to you. Because if you will come to me you will set my boundaries far from human life, you can never live with me unless you call me near to you.

I want to live with you, I want to live in your home, I want to walk with you along the roadside, I want to be with you.

Hold my hand and take me with you……


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